Curriculum Writing, Speeches and Presentations

Cover page; national driving workshop instructor manual. © 2005 AARP


Whether you are designing a multi-session workshop or a short speech (with or without a PowerPoint presentation), you can trust that Words with Impact! will package your messages so that you will not only educate your audience, but inspire and entertain them as well.

Our focus is to engage the learner using sound bytes and images they can relate with so they can understand your messages and then take the needed ACTION!

Below are a few samples excerpted from previous projects.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

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Timeline developed for national older driver workshop. © 2005 AARP


Unit heading with learner objectives. © 2005 AARP


Instructor guide excerpt. © 2005 AARP



Instructor scripting for national older driver workshop. © 2005 AARP

Student learning aid developed for national older driver workshop. © 2005 AARP

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