All About Me

Hi, I’m Brian Greenberg, CEO of Words with Impact!

I have nearly three decades of crafting all kinds of business, educational, technical and promotional writing for non-profits and private businesses alike.  I enjoy taking on a wide variety of writing projects.   You name it…I can do it.

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   I graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School there, then went to get a B.A. in Literature from Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, then a M.Ed. in Education from Boston University.

Peggy and Brian Greenberg

It was at BU I met my lovely wife, Peggy and we moved to Washington, DC.  We both worked in the field of education and training. I worked at AARP and Peggy worked for various HMO’s and the US Senate.

We currently live in Newburyport, MA. Peggy and I both have our own businesses now.  We enjoy keeping our customers happy.  In our spare time, we volunteer in the community, try to stay fit, and travel whenever possible.


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